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Unleash your destiny, hatch legendary dragons, and join the epic battle to save Aetheris in DragonRise – where heroes take flight!


land of

In the magical realm of Aetheris, a world of floating islands, an ancient prophecy foretold a legend – the DragonRise. The inhabitants of Aetheris lived in harmony with dragons, and together they protected the realm from the ever-looming threat of darkness.


Hatch your dragoncore

As Dragon Keepers, nurture your dragon eggs called Dragoncores until the day they hatch, revealing the wondrous dragons within. There will be a total of 5555 draqoncores waiting to be hatched!



Embark on an epic journey in DragonRise, the play-to-earn adventure that lets you hatch, train, and battle with legendary dragons! In this immersive world, players can collect and nurture powerful DragonCores to unlock the mightiest dragons of Aetheris. Join the Dragon Keepers Guild, forge unbreakable bonds, and protect the realm from the encroaching darkness.

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If there is nothing in a chest, the chest doesn’t mean anything

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