Own Your Dragon


Unleash your destiny, hatch legendary dragons, and join the epic battle to save Aetheris in DragonRise – where heroes take flight!


land of

In the magical realm of Aetheris, a world of floating islands, an ancient prophecy foretold a legend – the DragonRise. The inhabitants of Aetheris lived in harmony with dragons, and together they protected the realm from the ever-looming threat of darkness.


Hatch your dragoncore

As Dragon Keepers, nurture your dragon eggs called Dragoncores until the day they hatch, revealing the wondrous dragons within. There will be a total of 5555 draqoncores waiting to be hatched!

Own Your Dragon


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know your dragon!


I have come to retrieve my power, you cant handle it


A hero need not speak, When he is gone, the world will speak for him


Wake the f**k up Samurai, We have city to burn.

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If there is nothing in a chest, the chest doesn’t mean anything

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